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Doctoral studies

1. General Informations 

The Doctoral studies  are  the third cycle of the advanced academic training. The Faculty of Machine Manufacturing  and Industrial Management is authorized to organize doctoral studies in the Fundamental Domain of Engineering Sciences (fields: Industrial Engineering and Mechanical Engineering)

 In 2017, The  Doctoral School of the Faculty of Machine Manufacturing  and Industrial Management organizes the admission to doctoral studies for the following types of training:

  • Frequency with scholarship – Budget – for a period of three years;
  • Low frequency without scholarship – budget-for a period of three years
  • Frequency with fee – for a period of three years;

Doctoral studies are conducted in two stages, namely:

  • The training program based on advanced university studies (first year)
  • The scientific research program (years II and III)

Candidates can choose to signup for any of the two fields and any of the three forms of training. Upon completion of the doctoral studies ,  the  graduates receive a PhD in the field.Go to top

2. The Admission Calendar 

The PhD Admission   exam  is held annually in September, according to The Romanian Government Decision, as it  follows:

  1. The first stage of the exam is a international language proficiency test   organized by the Department of Foreign  Languages of the “Gheorghe Asachi” Technical University  of Iasi. By passing  this examination, the candidate obtain a certificate , necessary for the next trial.
  2. A second trial is held in the form of a colloquium on the basis of a topic and a bibliography timely announced , in front of a committee of experts from Doctoral School. The candidates examination is assessed with marks from 1-10  , based on the level of knowledge of the specialty issues , their ability to take on theoretical, experimental and methodological initiatives.

 Note : All candidates declared admitted and enrolled in the first year of study, who do not has the residence  in Iasi City  will be provided subsidized accommodation in Tudor Vladimirescu Campus.Go to top

3. Available positions in 2017

Inginerie Industriala62311
Inginerie Mecanica1113

PhD supervisors at the Doctoral School of the  Faculty of Machine Manufacturing  and Industrial Management

Titulari :

  • Prof .dr.ing E.Axinte – domeniul Inginerie Industriala
  • Prof.dr.ing.Catalin Gabriel Dumitras– domeniul Inginerie Industriala
  • Prof.dr.ing. Petru Dusa – domeniul Inginerie Industriala
  • Prof.dr.ing. Octavian Lupescu­– domeniul Inginerie Industriala
  • Prof.dr.ing .Gheorghe Nagit – domeniul Inginerie Industriala
  • Prof.dr.ing .Dumitru Nedelcu – domeniul Inginerie Industriala
  • Prof.dr.ing Daniela Popescu – domeniul Inginerie Mecanica
  • Prof.dr.ing . Neculai Eugen Seghedin – domeniul Inginerie Industriala

Profesori pensionati :

  • Prof.dr.ing. Doru Calarasu – domeniul Inginerie Mecanica
  • Prof.dr.ing. Laurentiu Slatineanu  – domeniul Inginerie Industriala
  • Prof.dr.ing. Octavian Vasile Pruteanu
  • Prof.dr.ing. Traian Gramescu
  • Prof.dr.ing. Nicolae Gherghel
  • Prof.dr.ing. Mircea Cozminca
  • Prof.dr.ing. Nicolae Gojinetchi
  • Prof.dr.ing. Dumitru  Zetu
  • Prof.dr.ing. Vasile Braha
  • Prof.dr.ing. Boris Plahteanu
  • Prof.dr.ing. Dragos Paraschiv

4. The selection  of candidates

The first trial is the examination of linguistic skill  for a international language, organized by the Department of Foreign  Languages of our University. By passing  this examination, the candidate will receive a certificate which will be presented to the next trial.

The second test is organized as a colloquium on a topic and a bibliography timely announced and sustained in front of  the Admission Commission of  the Doctoral School. Admission exam consists of oral presentation of their research concerns, the literature studied and a direction which would be completed thesis.

The selection criteria for admission to PhD – September 2017 session

  1.  For graduates of License and Master degrees :

MA= 0.15 • ML +0.15 • M+ 0.7 • MC 

  • MA– admission mark
  • ML – general mark of license studies
  • MM –  general mark of masteral studies
  • MC-mark of the admittance colloquium

2.. For graduates of  Long time License degrees  ( 5 years )

MA= 0.3 • ML+0.7 • MC

In wich  :

  • ML – general mark of license studies
  • MC– mark of the admittance colloquium
  • 5. Documents for Ph.D admittance  registration  

Documents for the enrollment in the Ph.D admittance